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ShackleBreakers Radio is podcast that covers topics in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. The underlying goal of ShackleBreakers is to inspire change for salespeople and to help clients build their own online sales empire without ever having to cold call or chase low quality leads ever again.
Published by Brandon Archambault on July. 15th 2020
This is an important concept to understand in building a digital sales empire and one that is often misunderstood by new marketing entrepreneurs. Having the right expectations at the start of an online business journey is critical and the concept of Kaizen can help define these expectations.
Published by Brandon Archambault on July. 7th 2020
Have you ever started a project and you’ve been taking massive action, doing all the things you think you should be doing, but ultimately feel like you’re not making any progress? That’s the topic of today’s episode.
Published by Brandon Archambault on July. 15th 2020
I break down what qualifying a prospect means in this episode of ShackleBreakers Radio and why I never waste energy selling to people who aren’t qualified.

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